What has been your greatest moment so far?

A time where you were Playing your best?

Feeling Your best?


Our expertise is helping elite athletes to reduce risk of injury, play pain-free and be ready to perform to their potential so there are more of those moments of greatness.  

Each athlete’s body and the demands of their particular sport is unique.  We’ve worked with thousands of elite athletes and sports teams to create individualized programs that are custom-fit to individual peak performance, recovery and rehabilitation to create the optimal condition so players can concentrate on what they do best, with confidence, and add years to their career. 

We use a cutting-edge assessment system that considers the ‘big picture’ of the body, including the mind and overall wellbeing.  Layered over this is an understanding of the specific demands of your sport, to give you an individualized plan for continual readiness for peak performance.



Our specialty is sports-specific movement assessment and re-training.  We look at movement efficiency, agility and coordination, foot speed, power, sports-specific position, movement and strength.  You’ll understand how to correct muscle imbalance, how to increase your body awareness to improve movement skills and your ability to control movement.  This will provide protection for your joints and soft tissue and allow you greater movement efficiency.

Our innovative assessment also considers lifestyle and recovery habits that are often overlooked, such as sleep, nutrition, stress management and your existing training regimen, so that you achieve optimal wellness.

The best in the business!
— Baron Davis, Two time NBA All-star and UCLA hall of famer
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The goal of rehabilitation is to get you back to your pre-injury level of sport performance. With a thorough understanding of the physical demands expected of the athlete, Dr. Barr gradually reintroduces sport-specific stressors while correcting acquired movement dysfunction and compensatory behaviors that can lead to re-injury.

I love working with Andy, he is one of the best trainers I’ve ever worked with - always working on injury preventatives & is very innovative.
— Tyson Chandler, Phoenix Suns NBA Champion, All-star & US Olympic gold medalist


Manual Therapy is primarily a hands-on therapy system the combines myofascial release, trigger point therapy, muscle energy techniques, body manipulation and mobilization. Through a combination of techniques learned from chiropractic, osteopathic, and Eastern Medicine practitioners, we can help you achieve greater joint mobility, flexibility, and balance. 

Working with Andy changed my career. My best years with the Knicks were in large part because I never felt stronger and healthier. To have the ability to accurately determine what will make the biggest difference in performance is priceless as an athlete. Andy provided that for me.
— Steve Novak, Milwaukee Bucks | 10 year NBA Veteran

Performance Training & Recovery Optimization

Designed to support the specific demands of your sport on your body, I actively monitor internal and external stressors, as well as acute and chronic workloads, to create an individualized training program that will maximise your performance potential, unlock areas of growth and decrease injury risk. To help you transition from off-season to pre-season training, I can communicate with medical and performance staff at your team to make sure you maintain your performance gains.


A former Professional Athlete with over 17 years of experience working in professional sports, and having worked with top athletes across numerous sports and nations, Andy Barr DPT MSc CSCS brings a proven track record of success in providing athletes the most effective training and therapy interventions to maximize performance while limiting injury risk.