Move for sport

Move for Sport is a two-day educational series designed to educate both coaches and clinicians on sport specific movement skills assessment and training. Understanding movement is the key to getting the best out of your athletes.

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day 1:

  • Discuss the key factors that influence the effective performance of movement skills in sport

  • Review injury risk factors and their relationship with movement skills in sport

  • Introduce a new concept in movement assessment and training based on four interrelated movement categories

  • Learn how to devise and perform individualized movement screens specific to the athlete and sport they are involved in

  • Introduce an example movement screen based on the four movement layers

day 2:

  • Learn how to apply strategies for improving movement skills in specific regions of the body identified in the screen as deficient

  • Learn how to select appropriate protective exercises based on the information highlighted in your screening report

  • Learn the 4 stages of protective exercise progression

  • Learn how to train multi-directional movement technique for sport

  • Learn how to design specific injury risk reduction and performance enhancement programs that integrate into sporting environments

“I had the privilege to go to Andy’s course ´The Way to Move for Sport´. The course is very practical and it is easy to implement the philosophy into practice, screening athletes for poor control of movement and helping them to increase performance and reduce risk of injuries. Andy is a top professional and does share his knowledge on the workshop in a way that is easily understood by participants. I highly recommend Andy´s workshop for everyone working with athletes at any level.”
— Valgeir Vidarsson, Master MSK & Sport Physio, Performance Physio at KR Football Club [Iceland]
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Dr. Barr has delivered his Move for Sport workshop to some of the world’s leading physiotherapy and medical staff across the world in the North and South America, Europe, and Asia.

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