PhysiCAL therapy

When you’re feeling at the top of your game, your time and attention will be where it matters most - performing.  We provide elite level care for select clients who want to benefit from the leading-edge knowledge and treatments used in professional sports medicine so you feel recovered, able to train to your peak and enjoy optimal wellbeing.

You’ll get a holistic program based on practical experience from multiple sporting disciplines, along with our specialist knowledge of hands-on therapies such as osteopathy, physiotherapy, chiropractic care.  Treatment will also draw on influences from alternative practice such as rolfing, kinesiology, and Eastern medicine.  The influence of your mind is an integral part of any treatment plan.  We will also look into factors such as nutrition, sleep, stress management and lifestyle.



Dr. Barr specializes in the following types of patient treatment and rehabilitation:

  • Sports Medicine

  • Post-Surgical Rehab

  • Spine Disorders

  • Knee Cartilage/ Ligament Injury

  • Ankle Cartilage/ Ligament Injury

  • Hip and Groin Injuries

  • Shoulder Injuries

  • Tendinopathy

  • Muscle Atrophy

  • Nerve Pain

  • Bursitis

  • Chronic Joint Pain

  • Impingement

  • Muscle Strains

  • Ligament Sprains

  • Wellness Plans

  • Injury Prevention Programs

  • Movement Assessments

Andy has amassed over 17 years of extensive experience that includes a well-rounded perspective rooted in honesty and humility with one focus: helping you get better and stay at your best.


Before I started working with Andy doctors said recovering from a partial plantar fascia tear would take one year to heal. Being a Professional Track and Field Athlete that news was devastating, and almost career ending. After my first appointment with Andy, he assured me I’d back to 100% in three months with his program. Not only was his program 100% effective, it saved my professional career. In just three months I went from having immense pain walking, to running 100% pain free. His knowledge in injury prevention is world class and his recovery tactics are extremely effective.
— Ciara Short, US Olympic 400m hurdler
Andy is a top therapist, his skill set and the way he delivers his treatments have massive positive effects on the client. His knowledge and mannerisms are exceptional – he just gets it and that’s why he’s right up there with the best in the world
— Mark Sertori, Head Performance Therapist Manchester City FC | England FC