The best in the business!
— Baron Davis, NBA All-Star | UCLA Hall of Famer
I love working with Andy, he is one of the best trainers I’ve ever worked with - always working on injury preventatives & is very innovative.
— Tyson Chandler, Phoenix Suns NBA Champion | All-star | US Basketball Olympic Gold Medalist
Working with Andy changed my career. My best years with the Knicks were in large part because I never felt stronger and healthier. To have the ability to accurately determine what will make the biggest difference in performance is priceless as an athlete. Andy provided that for me.
— Steve Novak, NBA Athlete | Milwaukee Bucks
Andy is one of the best physical therapists I’ve worked with. His injury prevention skills are first class and were crucial for me to stay healthy in NY. He’s definitely a world leader in sports performance.
— Danillo Gallinari, NBA Athlete | Denver Nuggets
For over 15 years Andy has been a true pioneer in the world of elite athlete performance and care. His holistic and person approach combined with his unique experiences across the elite world of professional sport make him a global leader in maximizing performance and minimizing injury. With Andy in your team you are always in great hands.
— Mike Forde, Founder of Sportsology | GM Chelsea Football Club (2007 - 2013)
I met Andy Barr while working with the New York Knicks back in 2009 as a seasonal athletic training intern. From the get go I knew he was someone who loves to teach and educate, not only patients/athletes, but his peers as well. Personal experience (as an intern with the NY Knicks then as a colleague with New York City Football Club of Major League Soccer) has shown his clinical diagnostic skills, movement screening assessments, manual therapy and rehabilitation techniques to be his forte. They are grounded in evidence and sound clinical decision making.
— Dr. Pascual Guerrero, Philadelphia 76ers Trainer & Physical Therapist
“Dr. Barr is a superb professional and expert in the field of Sports Science, Therapy and Performance. Dr. Barr, with his vast amount of knowledge, is someone I can always defer to when programming and trying to identify any limitations an athlete may have.”
— Bill Burgos, Head Strength & Conditioning Coach Orlando Magic | President of the National Basketball Strength Coaches Association
To successfully work as a medical practitioner in an elite sport environment requires balancing a very high level of knowledge in the field of sports medicine, superior communication skills and a multitude of key personal skills. Andy is one of the few practitioners that I have worked with that ticks all of these boxes and this is why he has been so successful to date and will continue to be in the future.
— Dr. Paul Balsom, Head of Sports Science & Performance Analysis Leicester City F.C. [English Premier League Champions]
Andy Barr has amassed a tremendous amount of experience with top athletes and he has always been able to provide the best of care. He is a World class physiotherapist, and a great guy too!
— Vincent Kompany, Manchester City FC Captain | English Premier League Champion
Andy is a top therapist, his skill set and the way he delivers his treatments have massive positive effects on the client. His knowledge and mannerisms are exceptional – he just gets it and that’s why he’s right up there with the best in the world
— Mark Sertori, Head Performance Therapist Manchester City FC | England FC
I was very fortunate to work with Andy during my tenure as General Manager of the New York Knicks. Andy was a key contributor to the Knicks’ success in 2013 when we won 54 regular season games and captured the NBA’s Atlantic Division title, making it the most successful season for the Knicks in over 25 years.

Andy’s sports medicine knowledge and skills are second to none in terms of injury prevention, treatment and rehabilitation. Andy is also a leader in the treatment and development of elite athletes, being able to combine sports science technology and data with a hands on training approach. He was able to maximize each player’s wellness and performance through specific testing, screening and monitoring of each individual athlete.

He also is also very organized and a great communicator. Andy uses an interdisciplinary approach between sports medicine, physical therepy, individual skill development, and team on-court performance, which made him a huge factor in helping build a winning culture for our organization.

Finally, Andy has great character and a wonderful way of working with people. He is able to gain an athlete’s trust and confidence because he sincerely cares about each athlete and wants only the best for that person.
— Glen Grunwald, President NY Knicks (2006 - 2013)
Before I started working with Andy doctors said recovering from a partial plantar fascia tear would take one year to heal. Being a Professional Track and Field Athlete that news was devastating, and almost career ending. After my first appointment with Andy, he assured me I’d back to 100% in three months with his program. Not only was his program 100% effective, it saved my professional career. In just three months I went from having immense pain walking, to running 100% pain free. His knowledge in injury prevention is world class and his recovery tactics are extremely effective.
— Ciara Short, US Olympic 400m Hurdler
Andy Barr is the one of the most intelligent sport physiotherapists that I’ve worked for as a professional. His clinical experience combined with his practical ability to apply science speaks volumes for the exemplary skills that he displays while he’s providing care for all of his high performing athletes.
— Mubarak Malik, Director of Performance NY Knicks
I have known Andy for 15 years having joined English Premier League side Bolton Wanderers FC together in 2001. First and foremost Andy is a great person. He is loyal, honest, authentic, and cares deeply about what and who he is working with. Andy has committed himself to his career and taken a variety of positions around the world in a number of Sports that have undoubtedly given him the experience and know-how to be the expert he is today. Andy’s has great depth to his professional knowledge having Immersed himself with continued learning and teaching throughout his career. He is able to develop very strong working relationships at all levels of an Elite organisation and has exceptional delivery skills which make him highly effective in his work and teaching. Andy’s proactive self-driven approach in addition to his thorough organisation and structure mean he achieves the results and success he wants. I was fortunate to be a close colleague of Andy’s during a very successful period in BWFC history and have had the pleasure of working with him on a number of projects after that over a ten year period.
— Mark Howard, Head of Sports Science Burnley F.C.
When it comes to sports performance and injury prevention Andy is absolutely one of the best in the business. His experience and cutting edge approach to training combined with his unsurpassed knowledge of the human body makes him one of the premier authorities in the world. Andy is my go to guy whenever I have training or therapy questions. Whether on the field or on the court, you can’t argue with the results of Andy’s clients.
— Jeremy Holsopple, Director of Athletic Performance Dallas Mavericks
Since the hype of “core stability’ I was looking for more in depth information about stability and movement because it was not specific enough. When Andy Barr taught me his ‘Move for Sport’ course it was an eye opener for me. I have been using the concepts for almost seven years with professional soccer players in the Netherlands. It is a great system to work with and very helpful in improving quality of movement and performance. Andy Barr is a pioneer in quality of movement and I could recommend him to anyone who wants to improve their knowledge and skills about quality of movement.
— Marijn Ewijk, Manual Therapist & Physiotherapist Feyenoord FC [Holland]
I had the privilege to go to Andy’s course ´The Way to Move for Sport´. The course is very practical and it is easy to implement the philosophy into practice, screening athletes for poor control of movement and helping them to increase performance and reduce risk of injuries. Andy is a top professional and does share his knowledge on the workshop in a way that is easily understood by participants. I highly recommend Andy´s workshop for everyone working with athletes at any level.
— Valgeir Vidarsson, Master MSK & Sport Physio, Performance Physio at KR Football Club [Iceland]
I first met Andy 11 years ago when he welcomed me into the world of sports physiotherapy practice in the dynamic and difficult world of elite sport when I was a junior. I could not think of a more proficient, diligent, knowledgeable and highly respected mentor Andy has been instrumental in providing a platform whereby I am constantly wanting to challenge myself alongside challenging and improving the practice of rehab principles and injury prevention in elite sport.
His knowledge is first class and his drive for excellence and high performance standards definitely enabled me to become a better physiotherapist in addition to advancing athlete performance. I thoroughly enjoyed working with Andy and regard him extremely high as an individual in the field of elite sports physiotherapy and rehab.
— Tom Sturdy, Senior Physiotherapist Southampton Football Club
During my period at Manchester City I have experienced Andy’s abilities in the area of injury treatment and rehabilitation. What I liked in particularly is the fact that his approach is focussed on the injury risk reduction and optimizing players’ health, wellness and development by using specific testing/screening and monitoring. What separates Andy from many of his colleagues is his deep understanding of the principles of periodisation and the specific application per individual. Based on this specific knowledge and experience, Andy is able to facilitate the ideal interdisciplinary medical and performance team and culture. On top of all this, Andy has the gift of not only applying his state-of-the-art approach himself but also transferring his knowledge and experience onto others during his courses
— Raymond Verheijen, Professional Football Coach and Consultant | Founder of World Football Academy
In my time working alongside Andy, I was extremely impressed by his understanding of sports medicine, rehabilitation and injury prevention strategies. With Andy’s guidance, I was able to deepen my understanding of how to implement screening and intervention strategies to prevent injury and maximize the performance of each of our players. His ability to tailor interventions to the individual needs of each athlete is second to none. Andy is truly at the cutting edge of rehabilitation and performance enhancement, and is dedicated to educating both clinicians and athletes, so that they can each contribute effectively to the solution.
— Dr. Aisling Toolan, PT, DPT, SCS, CSCS Director of Physical Therapy, Brooklyn Nets
Andy Barr has single-handedly helped me so much recover from a complex torn meniscus and a ruptured LCL. Physio is key. So important. Thank you Dr. Barr truly”
— Max Beeseley, Actor and Musician