"Strategically Maximizing Health and Performance."

The recent rise of sports science has made data analytics a necessary component to any winning formula for the 21st-century sports franchise. Correctly interpreting these large quantities of data unlocks new areas of growth for teams to track player performance variables while keeping athletes on the field when it matters the most. Quantum Performance’s Team Consulting gives teams the ability to perceive from an outside perspective and actively integrate these cutting-edge practices into their own medical and performance divisions through systemized solutions and in-house education tutorials.

Medical Performance Solutions

Unified goals and clear communication lines are necessary underpinnings to any successful medical and performance department. Quantum Performance works with teams to help streamline decision making and integrate a variety of medical and performance solutions that put player development, longevity, and performance at the forefront of the organization.

baseline assessments and PROGRAMING

Baseline movement and strength assessments have become popularized in sports for their ability to provide objective performance-based measurement; however, the efficacy of many of these assessments have often times not been validated either in practice or research. We work with teams to fill this void and develop sport specific baseline assessments that provide teams objective measurements of player readiness and a performance benchmarks from which to measure progress throughout the duration of the season.

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in-house education

The ultimate goal of Quantum Performance Consulting is to provide organizations the tools and skills to help players maximize performance, increase injury prevention, and reach their full developmental potential. In-house education gives teams the ability to integrate a multitude of medical and performance solutions effectively into medical, performance, coaching, and front office personnel. It is this emphasis on “team building behind the team” that truly allows teams to train physically smart and maximize their performance.

Injury Risk Profiling and Intervention

Quantifying injury risk is arguably the most hot-button topic in the field of injury prevention. Guided through both research and experience, Quantum Performance provides unique injury risk profiles for each player and appropriate intervention schemes focused on three unique goals: proper rehabilitation and return-to-play interventions, decreasing risk of re-injury, and proactive monitoring of physiological and psychological stressors.


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I was very fortunate to work with Andy during my tenure as General Manager of the New York Knicks. Andy was a key contributor to the Knicks’ success in 2013 when we won 54 regular season games and captured the NBA’s Atlantic Division title, making it the most successful season for the Knicks in over 25 years.

Andy’s sports medicine knowledge and skills are second to none in terms of injury prevention, treatment and rehabilitation. Andy is also a leader in the treatment and development of elite athletes, being able to combine sports science technology and data with a hands on training approach. He was able to maximize each player’s wellness and performance through specific testing, screening and monitoring of each individual athlete.

He also is also very organized and a great communicator. Andy uses an interdisciplinary approach between sports medicine, physical therepy, individual skill development, and team on-court performance, which made him a huge factor in helping build a winning culture for our organization.

Finally, Andy has great character and a wonderful way way of working with people. He is able to gain an athlete’s trust and confidence because he sincerely cares about each athlete and wants only the best for that person.
— Glen Grunwald, NY Knicks Basketball Operations (2006 - 2013)
For over 15 years Andy has been a true pioneer in the world of elite athlete performance and care. His holistic and person approach combined with his unique experiences across the elite world of professional sport make him a global leader in maximizing performance and minimizing injury. With Andy in your team you are always in great hands
— Mike Forde, Founder of Sportsology, Director of Operations Chelsea Football Club (2007 - 2013)
To successfully work as a medical practitioner in an elite sport environment requires balancing a very high level of knowledge in the field of sports medicine, superior communication skills and a multitude of key personal skills. Andy is one of the few practitioners that I have worked with that ticks all of these boxes and this is why he has been so successful to date and will continue to be in the future.
— Dr. Paul Balsom, Head of Sports Science & Performance Analysis Leicester City F.C. (English Premier League Champions)