Dr. Barr’s treatment program restores optimal function and reduces the risk of pain re-occurrence through a range of therapeutic techniques. His integrated approach addresses lifestyle issues and poor movement habits while improving mindbody awareness and optimizing the strength necessary for the physical demands of life.


Using strength, movement, and biomechanics data derived from his pre-screening assessment, Andy creates an individualized program that enables clients to achieve their performance goals through appropriate progression schemes in the comfort of their own home.


Not limited to a specific method or school of training, Dr. Barr implements a variety of aspects from numerous training methods including: functional resistance training. Pilates, Yoga, Olympic Lifting, Kettlebell Training, Plyometric Training, Metabolic Training.


Using the two great tools called our hands and state of the art equipment, Andy is privileged to have partnerships and working collaborations with in the name of helping all the patient's tissues and biochemical processes: to maximize each unique body's ability to heal.