Dr. Andy Barr with NBA All-Star Paul George


Paul George, Oklahama City Thunder NBA All-Star works with Dr. Andy Barr of Innovate Performance in Los Angeles, California.

This is a quick video showcasing some of the innovative training methods Dr. Barr utilizes to enhance elite athlete performance and reduce injury risk in world class athletes from around the world.


Innovate Performance has one clear purpose - to empower and educate our clients with the body awareness and movement skills needed to consistently perform at their peak, reduce injury risk and lengthen their careers.

With a broad understanding of movement, Innovate Performance utilizes advanced sports science technology to guide individualized rehabilitation and training programs, proven to create peak performance and optimal recovery.

Working with athletes, teams and select private clients for over 17 years, Innovate Performance combines a wealth of practical experience and an extensive knowledge of sports physical therapy, movement assessments and performance training for proactive clients looking for elite care.  

Founded by Dr Andy Barr - Doctor of Physical Therapy, Sports Scientist and Strength & Conditioning Coach - Innovate Performance also shares expertise with teams and clinics worldwide through its Movement for Sport educational course.



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 - Injury Risk Assessment

 - Performance Training


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 - Assessments + Programing

 - Injury Risk Profiling

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- Integrated Treatment


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I love working with Andy, he is one of the best trainers I’ve ever worked with - always working on injury preventatives & he is very innovative.
— Tyson Chandler, NBA Champion | All-Star | US Olympic Basketball Gold Medalist
Andy has amassed a tremendous amount of experience with top athletes while providing the best of care. He is a world class physiotherapist, and a great guy too!
— Vincent Kompany, Manchester City FC Captain | English Premier League Champion